The Concierge Healthcare Experience

Your extensive physical examination is the most important first step on your path to achieving greater health.

After your examination is completed, you are provided with a detailed booklet and letter summarizing test results, recommendations, and a suggested care plan. This information will also be available on a personal USB drive, so you can always have your medical information with you.

Dr. Kravis’ uncompromising commitment to meeting your needs creates a doctor/patient relationship that is superior to what you have experienced in the past and assists you in forming the foundation for a healthier future.


Professional & Convenience Services Amenities

  • 24/7 access to Dr. Kravis by phone, email, and fax.
  • Expedited appointments and extended visits with Dr. Kravis.
  • Annual Advanced Physical Examination, health assessment, and lifestyle planning.
  • Visits at our office, your home, or the hospital.
  • Hospital privileges at both NCH Healthcare System and Physician’s Regional Healthcare System.
  • Arrangements of appointments for specialist visits and diagnostic testing.
  • Coordination of care at your second residence or during travel.
  • Coordination of care with local, regional, and out-of-state physicians and renowned healthcare institutions.
  • Secured/Portable Personal Health Records USB drive with your Annual Medical Physical information.
  • Personal Health Care Facilitators.
  • Wellness and preventative education and recommendations.

From My Patients